Technical Specifications:

Rated voltage: Upto 17.5 kV
Rated current: Upto 2500A
BIL: Upto 95 kV
Short Circuit: 25 kA
Protection class: IP4X
Dim (mm): 650/1000×1600/1800×2200 (WxDxH)


FT – VD4 | Medium Voltage Switchgear Metal clad / Compartmentalized up to 17.5 KV

  • FT-VD4 is equipped with ABB’s type tested VD4 VCB.
  • VD4 VCB has embedded pole technology with tulip contact.
  • Electrical and mechanical interlocking as per IEC Standards.
  • Compact, extendible and economical.
  • Provision for circuit earthing for safety of personnel.
  • Built-in guide rail for circuit breaker trolley.
  • Digital control and protection
  • Arrangement to ensure. maximum safety to operators
  • Prevents ingress of dirt, moisture and vermin.
  • Quick interchange of identical rated trolleys.
  • Provision available (on request) for capacitive voltage indication for cables.