Technical Specifications:

Rated Voltage: Up to 690V AC or 600V DC
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
 Rated Insulation voltage: 1000V
Rated Current:
a) Main Horizontal Busbar:
b) Vertical Busbar:
Up to 7600A
850 up to 1900A, 3 & 4 pole
Rated short time current: Up to 100 kA for 1s
Peak withstand current: up to 220 kA
Type tested: IEC 61439-1&2
Internal arc tests: Internal arc tests:
Seismic withstand: UBC, IEEE 344
Protection class of Enclosure IP30 (up to IP54 on request)
Dimension:  (mm) Width  400 to 1200

Depth  600,800,1200

Height  2000, 2200


  • SEN Plus by GE Low Voltage Switchgear & Motor Control Center
  • Fully compartmentalized Design (up to form 4b on request).
  • Withdrawable arrangement and Plug-in arrangement available.
  • Ease in replacement of draw out units.
  • Interchangeability of similar rated draw out units.
  • Test position without opening the door of unit.
  • Electrical and Mechanical interlocking.
  • Provision for Padlocking.
  • Cable termination access from front.
  • Ensures safety and protection to operating personnel.